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Why choosing an agency?

Choosing a web agency is not only choosing the agency that will create your website. it also means choosing the agency you will ask when you have technical issues to solve or when you want to modify different elements of your website.

What are the types of webshops?

Sale of goods

If you want to sell products and you can deliver them to your customers, a webshop will most certainly be useful to you!

Your webshop will then become your virtual store: a much lower cost than that of a physical shop which requires particularly premises or even higher management fees.

Sale of services

The sale of services may seem easier via a webshop because it does not require the mobilization of stocks and logistics management.

However, you will need a solid expertise and a name to start serenely, otherwise a lot of work will have to be done to make yourself known and gain visibility.


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The steps for a webshop

Preparation and framing of the e-commerce project

Before launching headlong into the creation of a webshop, such a project requires a first phase of preparation and framing.

Choice of e-commerce tools/providers

Depending on the complexity of your project and your design, we choose the right CMS/System that will suit you best.

Development of the webshop

Once the design has been imagined, the products designed and the system prepared, we launch the development of your webshop with a daily overview.

An offer for you

We adapt to your request

Depending on your request, your design and your type of products, we choose the system that will be the most compatible with your project.

This depends on your sales volume, the number of involved countries, the number of physical shops you have, the difficulty in managing the stock, your budget and the potential evolution of your webshop.


System 100% e-commerce oriented and specialized in this sector. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to create a showcase website.


Complementary system to a WordPress website. It is perfectly suited when you want to create a mix between a showcase website and a webshop.

Do you think a redesign of your website is necessary? Let yourself be tempted by our FREE website audit! You will be entitled to an analysis of your website.

Choose the offer that suits you best

Indicative prices

e-commerce start

From 1500€

e-commerce Sme

From 2500€


On demand

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