Your website, a virtual business card​

The Belgian in some figures:


of Belgian households have internet


of internet users order online


uses social media


search for information on goods or services web

Source FR: SPF Economie – Source NL: FOD Economie

Showcase Website

A showcase website is, as the name suggests, a website acting as a showcase of your business, but on the internet. 

It allows you to highlight your products, your services, your realizations, a reservation system and much more!

Thanks to your showcase website, you will enter in the digital world and you will reach an even larger target, which will certainly be beneficial for your company.

A showcase website is your virtual business card!


Webshop​ Creation

Unlike a showcase website, webshop will allow you to sell online. You can sell products and services, whether physical or not.

The platform settles the additional services in relation to the online sales activity as well.

With a webshop, you will reach your target more and offer an additional and significant sales channel for your company.

We offer you professional and easy to use solutions at a competitive price.